Romer: Metro districts are essential to increased housing options

Elected officials, community leaders, private sector developers, and task forces from the nonprofit and private sector are regularly meeting to discuss how we can provide more housing to meet our community’s needs. It’s important, and we’re making real progress.

While we are continually working with elected officials, business leaders, nonprofits and community advocates to find innovative ideas to address housing here in Eagle County, we also need to raise awareness about policy decisions that will make it harder for Colorado communities to provide more housing. Policy decisions can help or hinder housing developments. It is part of the process that the public rarely sees, yet it impacts costs and development.

That’s where we are right now with House Bill 23-1090. This bill making its way through the General Assembly would put significant limitations on how metropolitan districts seek financing to provide streets, sidewalks, parks, water lines and sewers for new housing developments.