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Metropolitan districts facilitate the construction of public infrastructure that is vital to the success of new development and redevelopment throughout Colorado.

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The threshold for forming a district is not set in statute. However, the jurisdiction in which the district is proposed may have adopted requirements relative to these matters. Read the full answer: MetroDistricts photo

Residents and property owners can gain access to special district information through the Division of Local Government’s “Local Government Information System" found here: MetroDistricts photo

#TMYK: Metropolitan districts can only fund public infrastructure such as water, sewer, roads, parks, and trails. Learn more: MetroDistricts photo

Cities and Counties strive to offer their residents highly amenitized communities and metropolitan districts help to cover some of the cost of this public infrastructure. Learn more: MetroDistricts photo

#TMKY: Municipalities and counties have significant control over metropolitan districts through approval of the service plan, which specifies limits on taxation, fees, and services that districts are allowed to provide. Learn more: MetroDistricts photo
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